Video for the new single Seasons Change coming soooon! Directed by Naomi Schatteman. Special thanks to Black Balloon & Ilke Cop for the beautiful outfits. Credits for the song go to producer duo Potatohead People (Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical). Their track “Blue Charms” (together with guitar player Danny McKinnon), already featured on their 2015 album “Big Luxury”, serves as the ultimate foundation for Liz Aku's tantalizing voice. To be honest, everything matches so perfectly, you more likely tend to imagine how these four musicians composed and recorded the song together in the same studio. Eventually they created a tune which is a pleasant presentiment for the album coming out in only a few weeks. 

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It was a long wait, but with her new album Ankhor, Belgian soul talent Liz Aku has proven once again that music is a calling rather than a profession. Honed and refined by years of collaboration with the best artists Belgium’s music scene has to offer, Liz Aku’s sound is the result of a journey. The first leg of it was spent working with musicians such as Ozark Henry, Sweet Coffee and DeLaVega, and resulted in the solo debut Me, Versatile Me. 
Taken in by Berlin music label Sonar Kollektiv, known among other things for Jazzanova and Fat Freddy's Drop, a new chapter started to unfold. Searching for guidance in the production of her album, gut feeling next led her to the renowned Mara TK. This Electric Wire Hustle front man immediately recognized her talent and helped her find a more mature sound in faraway New Zealand. What can we say, sometimes you have to cross half the world to find yourself… Expect collabs with Chief & Deheb, Maximoe, Zulu Moon, Bart Maris, Lander Gyselinck and Potatohead People.

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Don’t miss out on your chance to see Liz and her band light up the stage at the upcoming Single Release & Music Video showcases on February 24th and 25th. Liz will be releasing the first single off the twelve-tracks strong album together with an exclusive showcase of the music video. 

24/02: Club27 - antwerpen

info & tickets

25/02: N9 - Eeklo

info & tickets
(incl. afterparty met Mr. Leenknecht)

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FIRST SINGLE 'seasons change' OUT NOW


PRE-ORDERs FOR the full album 'ANKHOR' WILL START 31 MARCH 2017


Liz Aku - Ankhor - album teaser


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Ankh + Anchor

The anchor is a symbol of both hope and steadfastness. We raise our anchor and venture forth into a new era of our life. We feel eager and alive and we are laden with hope, excitement, dreams, expectations, imaginings and aspirations. Our Spirit feels light and free as we face the cleansing breezes which take us to our next port-of-call.  

The Hope we carry with us on our new voyage encourages us to follow the course we have plotted out and carry out the plans we have made. We are steadfast in our vision of the pursuit of our new Dream. Our new hope prevents us from drifting in confusion as our thought processes are now focused on new dreams, creations and ideas. (Joseph Panek)

Ankh: Eternal Life. The Ankh not only is a symbol of Life but the essential elements that create life. 



EN: With a voice that invokes jazzy sweetness and soulful finger snaps, Liz Aku stands fluid and strong. After embarking on a transformational journey where she had the opportunity to work with bands such as Delavega, Internationals and Jerboa, Liz took off to NZ, where she not only found herself but also Mara Tk from Electric Wire Hustle, who intuitively understood how to capture her gift. Ankhor, the new Soul album by Liz features collaborations with artists like Chief & Deheb, Zulu Moon, Bart Maris, Lander Gyselinck and Potatohead People. This is not to be missed.

NL: Een stem die teruggrijpt naar de essentie. Jazzy sferen en soulful vingerknippen. Liz Aku staat sterk en dat zullen we geweten hebben. Na haar opgemerkte passages bij onder meer DeLaVega, Internationals en Jerboa trok Liz naar Nieuw-Zeeland. Ze kwam er niet alleen zichzelf tegen maar ook Mara TK, frontman van Electric Wire Hustle, die haar warme klasse wist vast te leggen op plaat. Ankhor is het nieuwe soulalbum van Liz Aku met bijdrages van o.a. Chief & Deheb, Zulu Moon, Bart Maris, Lander Gyselinck en Potatohead People.



Management & press: Leander Leenders

BOOKING EUROPE: Leander Leenders

BOOKINGS BELGIUM: Waldo Toelen - L&S Agency



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